3-PACK 'SquitoJuice - Three 10 fl.oz. spray bottles

$29.97 $23.99

They say "everything comes in threes..." and 'SquitoJuice does, too! Stock up on this effective, all-natural mosquito repellent when you buy a 'SquitoJuice 3-PACK. ''SquitoJuice is made with cedar oil and other natural ingredients. It's SAFE for pets and people -- contains NO DEET, NO phenols, NO pyrethrins, NO artificial colors, NO artificial fragrance! Use it to PROTECT YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY, and keep away pesty, virus-carrying mosquitoes. Spray yourself, your clothing and your surroundings whenever you're enjoying the great outdoors -- gardening, backyard BBQs, sporting events, kids' games, camping, fishing, boating, hiking and more! SAVE when you buy this 3-pack of 10 oz. family-size containers of ''SquitoJuice, plus you and your family can take ''SquitoJuice with you everywhere you go! Take a bottle of 'SquitoJuice with you when you're traveling, and keep a bottle in your car, or on your boat, in your backpack, in your tote bag... you get the idea! Don't venture outdoors without ''SquitoJuice natural mosquito repellent!